Andrew Schulman has performed for four decades as a concert soloist throughout  the United States and Europe. After a hiatus from concert performance during the years he was developing the Medical Musician specialty he returned to the concert stage in October 2019, playing  to a full house at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall (photo on right). His concert repertoire is an interplay of classical and popular music, all in his own arrangements for the guitar. (You can see the full program here.) A stage patter combines humor and brief but informative commentary about the music being performed.


Andrew Schulman  has combined music and conversation about his work as a Medical Musician in an evening called: Medical Musician: A Storyteller and Travel Guide that is both informative and entertaining. Starting with his own story, about how Bach's music saved him in a coma, and discussing his work since 2010 in developing music in critical care medicine, he explores with his guitar and through storytelling and reading excerpts from his book, Waking the Spirit, how music has such a powerful effect on the human mind, body, and soul, delighting and informing audiences.

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Photo Credit: Heidi Stubner


With Renée Fleming at Tanglewood

Renée   Fleming, one of the great singers of our time, is also  passionate about the central importance of music and the arts in our society. She has created a presentation called "Music and the Mind" which she has presented in more than 20 cities across North America. Ms.  Fleming gave this presentation in July 2019 at the Tanglewood  Learning Institute; part of the Tanglewood Music Festival. She  invited Andrew Schulman to join her. Schulman spoke and  performed music by Bach and the Beatles. Ms. Fleming is seen here with Andrew Schulman and music therapist Tom Sweitzer during the Q&A following the presentation.

Photo Credit: Heidi Stubner


Andrew Schulman in a Surgical ICU, with patient Chris Chase

Photo used with permission of Chris Chase.

Photo credit: Pilar Baker